Alternative Temporary Site?

We'd like to gauge the temperature of the community to support an alternative site location. The area is the unused and unmaintained strip of scrub behind the tennis courts. It is not within the park and is therefore not impinging on space currently used by visitors to the park.  It does not destroy land maintained by the community garden or parks staff. It was already put forward as a permanent site and refused, so we know it represents a viable option for EE H3G in terms of signal. In the spirit of collaboration and compromise, we believe this represents the best alternative site for the temporary mast to avoid it being sited inside the park itself and in principle BCC and Waldon concur. With that in mind, please complete the quick form below with your answer and comments. Once we have this we can decide how to move forward with this suggestion.  Please bear in mind we are looking for a solution which serves all parties and so compromise is essential. None of the trees in this area have preservation orders and the one in the photo is dead and due to be felled. 

The period would be 18 months from installation.  We need you to do this by Friday 25th March.

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Suggested alternative temporary mast location outside Redcatch Park


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