Image by David Arrowsmith

The Temporary Mast will not go in Redcatch Park

The Mast.

It's very big. 24 metres tall. That's 72 feet or 5.6 double decker buses.
The Footprint.

It will take up 14 x 8 metres of public green space. A large chunk of a small park.
The Time.
Although it is said to be temporary, the permanent location is to be close to the park.
Danger & Disruption.
Health & safety, noise pollution, , disruption and destruction of the park during installation.

The Notice published by Bristol City identifies  the application for the temporary siting of a mast in Redcatch Park, however, the Notice states ‘whilst a more permanent position within the park is investigated'. Therefore, intent appears to be that the Park or nearby will be the permanent solution.

This mast is 24 metres high and has a considerable infrastructure beneath it which will require regular servicing to the generator and other items of plant. It will be surrounded by a 2.6 metre fence made from reinforced concrete.
This is a huge impingement, not to mention a potential health and safety risk on what is a very small, much loved and desperately needed oasis in our midst. We cannot allow this to happen to our precious green space.
We are a group of passionate and angry residents from around the Knowle area who fervently believe we must act now. 

If we gather together as a community to fight the location of this mast in our beloved park, then maybe we can prevent it happening.  Please join our voice today.